Meet the Lady Kats Dance Team

Arena football is back in Nashville with the third iteration of the Nashville Kats, our very own Arena Football League team. Personally, I’ll be attending games at Municipal Auditorium to see the Lady Kats dance team.

Coaches Sissy Brown and Laverne Brown are not related, but since they’ve worked together for so many years, they say they’re like sisters. Laverne is returning to home turf as a former dancer for both a previous iteration of the Kats as well as the Tennessee Titans, and she has experience leading dance squads at Tennessee State University. Sissy, whom audiences may know from her show on 92.1 WQQK-FM, has 12 seasons of experience in the NFL and AFL. 

“We’ve worked together for so long that we know what product that we want to put out,” Sissy says. “When we put it out, it’s damn near perfection.”

The First Ladies of Music City (yes, they got permission from the mayor’s office to call themselves this) alternate between different styles as they dance after each play. There’s simply no excuse for a “sportsball” attitude when there are dynamic dancers like the Lady Kats to watch. The Kats are currently in the first half of their season, with remaining home games set for May 18, June 2, June 16 and June 29.

“These ladies work really hard at their craft and what they’re doing to put on a great performance and great show for the Nashville community,” Laverne says. 

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